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Construction Safety Checklist

Construction site safety takes precedence in any construction company’s agenda. Checklists are one of the best ways to keep employees, equipment, areas near the construction site, and the environment safe.

Pre-Start Inspection checklist

Tick-off this checklist every start of construction. This daily safety checklist is a breakdown of tasks to be completed and signed off by workers.

Vehicle inspection

It is vital that vehicles are safe and ready for use to avoid project delays. Do a daily vehicle inspection, maintenance checks, and documentation check. Keep your defect and damage logbook updated.

Weekly Site Inspection checklist

Make sure that you have ample supply of first-aid kits and other basic needs like PPE. Inspect fire prevention areas, workbenches, storage, rubbish, trip & fall safety, scaffolding, ladders, electrical & chemical safety. Check machines and equipment. Review injury and accident procedures.

Incident Report checklist

It is hardly ever possible to have zero accidents. When an accident happens, it is paramount to document it and review it with the hope that no similar accident will happen again. Conduct full reports and investigations, gathering facts about the incident, accident, injury, or near-miss. Collect evidence and witness statements.

Safety meetings checklist

Conduct these meeting at least every other month to review your safety protocols.

Checklists may be tedious and cumbersome to accomplish but it would be better to do these menial tasks than be sorry.

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